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Turkish prisons almost full

Sadullah Ergin, Turkey's Justice Minister, has revealed that Turkey's prisons are almost full.

Source : World Bulletin / 25 Nov 2013

During Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to the south-eastern city of Diyarbakir, he said that he looks forwards to seeing a day when all the prisons in Turkey will be empty. Later, he accused certain sources of twisting his words to imply that criminals will be pardoned for their crimes.

The total capacity of Turkey’s 359 prisons is 151,444. Currently there are 111,923 people serving sentences and 28,597 people in custody. All together, there are 140,520 prisoners.

Sadullah Ergin, Turkey’s Justice Minister, said that Turkey’s prisons are currently full, making Erdogan’s dream very difficult to fulfill. 76.8% of prisoners are serving sentences of one year or less, 8.7% are serving three years or more and 0.3% of prisoners have been in prison for 7 years. 857 prisoners have been in jail for longer than 7 years.

Since 2002, however, 234 prisons have been closed, with another 164 prisons to close by 2017. Prison staff have also been decreased from 20,405 in 2002 to 48,928 today.


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