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Tatarstan will celebrate Eid Al Adha on August 21

Muslims from all over the world will celebrate one of the main holidays - Kurban-bairam (or Eid al-adha) on August 21 this year. Every year it is celebrated on the 10th day of the Islamic month of Dul-Hijja.

Festive prayer in mosques in the republic of Tatarstan will begin at 04.30 in the morning. Gaet-Namaz - at 05.00. It is planned to perform a live broadcast of the festive prayer from the Galeevsky mosque on "Tatarstan New Age" TV channel.
According to the decision of the Board of Kazi of the Republic of Tatarstan, the amount of Nisab for the performance of the sacrifice is 18,500 rubles, without taking into acount necessary expenses and debts. For those in need on the day of Kurban-bairam, the distribution of meat of sacrificial animals will be carried out by the Charity Fund "Zakat" of the DUM RT.
The slaughter of the sacrificial animals starts after the festive prayer and lasts three days in specially designated places. In Kazan,18 places for slaughtering are allocated

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