Friday 18 January 2019 \


Supreme Mufti of Kazakhstan Serikbai Satybaldyuly congratulated Muslims

Respected Ummah! The Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan declared 2018 as the year of "Islam and family".
Dear brothers, I urge you to show special attention and care towards elderly people, people with disabilities, patients, orphans and large families. After all, bringing joy in the heart of even one Muslim is also a sadaka.
I would also like to emphasize that funeral dinners and other events were held during the time of Iftar, weddings and other celebrations were organised without strong drinks, and to the extent possible their sale was limited, because their use leads to bad actions and deeds.
Dear brothers! May you have blessed Ramadan - the sultan of twelve months! May your fasts, prayers and services be accepted by the Almighty! I wish you the achievements of your goals and every year to meet Ramadan in health.
May Allah Almighty strengthen our unity and harmony, grant peace and tranquility to our people! Let our independent state flourish! Amin!

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