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Star of David scrawled on Canada mosque

Graffiti at entrance to Quebec mosque (Photo: CTV)

By Ynetnews | 8 Jan 2012

Anti-Arab slur spray-painted on Muslim house of prayer in Gatineau, Quebec. Jewish organizations condemn incident.

"Price tag" in Canada? A Star of David and anti-Arab slur were spray-painted at the entrance to a mosque in Gatineau, Quebec, the Shalom Toronto website and other Canadian media outlets reported over the weekend.

The windows of the mosque and of vehicles parked near the building were smashed. The words "Long Live David" were scrawled on a side entrance.

Canadian police believe the act was carried out by a man in his 20s, who was documented by security cameras in the area.

One of the Muslim worshippers, who arrived at the mosque on Friday, told the CTV television network, "I feel sad seeing such a thing. This is Canada, not other places in the world."

The imam of the vandalized mosque said he believed one or two people were behind the incident. "This does not characterize Canadians," he said. "We live with then and, thank God, we're all Canadians."

The deputy commander of the local police station said this was not a regular case of vandalism. "This is a hate crime," he stressed.

Another police officer said, "This is more than vandalism."

Canada's Jewish organizations rushed to condemn the incident, saying that Muslims were not the only ones affected by it.

"This incident doesn't just hurt the 4,000 Muslims living in the Gatineau area, but all Canadians. The use of a Star of David in connection with messages of hate only adds to the harmful nature of the recent incident," said B'nai B'rith Canada Chairman Frank Diamant.

Diamant added, "We are certain that the Quebec police will investigate this incident as a hate crime and prosecute the perpetrators."



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