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Sport festival in honor of Mufti Ahmad Afandi held in Dagestan

Mufti of Dagestan Sheikh Ahmad Afandi addressing participants of the sport festival
Sports festival held in honor of the Mufti of Dagestan Sheikh Ahmad Afandi on 15 April gathered some 15 thousand visitors in Kazbekovsky district, Dagestan.
The large-scale sport event, which was graced by the presence of the Mufti of Dagestan Sheikh Ahmad Afandi, brought together famous theologians, sportsmen, public, political, religious figures from all over the republic.
The program of this festival, which was attended by Magomed Abdurakhmanov, the chairman of Dagcomreligion and Gadjimurad Musaev, the Head of the Kazbekov District, included horse races, team relay race with hurdles, a race among the spectators and an official ceremony of awarding the winners.
In his address, Sheikh Ahmad Afandi congratulated the numerous guests on such an important event which helps to unite the believers, noted the need to work on improving morals, and also told the audience about the importance of soft exhortation as well as following the elders and scholarly theologians. "I am pleased to see the joy on your faces today and to be with you. I ask the Almighty to give us such days more often and strengthen our mutual respect and brotherhood," the Mufti said.
Spectators of the fascinating festival could also enjoy the performances of rope walkers, amateur art groups and power skills performed by Omar Khanapiev.
It should be noted that on behalf of the Jamaat of the Kazbekovsky district, the municipality's Imam Ahmadrasul Kachalaev presented the Mufti of the Republic with a gift of a stallion, traditional burka and papakha as a token of special reverence.
In the end the winners of competitions and horse races were awarded with valuable prizes.

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