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Self-driving cars to hit Dubai’s roads in 'near future'

Dubai has moved a step closer to approving the use of self-driving cars on its roads.

The Roads and Transport Authority department says it has endorsed standards of testing for electric, hybrid and self-driving vehicles that will ensure the emirate is “pioneering” in the field.

The government body has revealed that autonomous vehicles will be a fixture on the city's roads in the "near future" - though it is still not known when the driverless fleet will be rolled out for public use.

“RTA has endorsed the testing standards of electric, hybrid and self-driving vehicles in line with the best standards applied in leading countries in this regard worldwide,” said Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, chief executive of RTA’s Licensing Agency.

The RTA has held 66 workshops with vehicle manufacturers, approved testing centres in Dubai and consultancy companies in the UAE to review and discuss the new standards.

“For self-driving vehicles, the technical testing standards and related technologies will ensure the primacy and pioneering role of Dubai in this class of vehicles,” said Mr Al Ali.



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