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Saudi Arabia will not harm Russia - Vladimir Putin.

Russia isn't afraid of NATO expansion. Vladimir Putin

Source : | 19 Apr 2014

Yesterday during the traditional live TV session with Russian citizens Vladimir Putin declared that positions of Russia on the world scene are stable. Even reduction of price of oil won't be able to shake its economy he said. He also noted that only Saudi Arabia may be able really to affect the situation, having reduced prices of oil. However the head of state expressed doubt that the Arab state will take such a step.

Putin declared that Russia and Saudi Arabia have "very strong relations". "Our approaches on developments in Egypt almost coincide. We have many other common understandings of world events. I have great respect for the Keeper of two Muslim shrines the King of Saudi Arabia. He is very clever and weighed person", – the political leader said.

Putin also paid attention that the budget of Saudi Arabia is calculated at the price of 85 dollars for barrel. If oil price gets lower, it will be badly reflected on economy of the Arab state, the president explained. Thus for Russia such price is not a threat, the politician noticed. Putin added that Moscow has friends in OPEC who will prevent negative actions: "There is a wish to bite, but opportunities are limited".


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