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Russian Parliament to look into sects

Yaroslav Nilov

Source : / 19 Apr 2013

Committee on Public Associations and Religious Organizations on Wednesday decided to create a special group to study the activities of representatives of non-traditional religions, social-religious organizations and foreign religious and public organizations working in Russia.

"Today the sects issue is disturbing and worried. I propose to create a special group under the control of the committee. I think Michael Markelov who raised the issue is a best candidate to be the leader of the group",- Yaroslav Nilov said, RIA Novosti news agency reports.

According to the deputy Markelov, the motivation for the creation of the group appeared after the first reading of the draft of law for the protection religious feelings of citizens.

"Our opponents have said that this law would also protect members of sectarian organizations. We analyzed the data and, indeed, today there are no statistics on how many such organizations are in Russia. It is necessary to realize what we have to work, and then make changes in the legislation, "- Markelov said at the committee meeting.                                          


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