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Russian deputies proposed to add new columns in passport

Russian passport
Source : / 20 Mar 2014
Members of the "KPRF" party of Russian parliament proposed to add “Nationality” and “Religion” columns in the passport, Nezavisimaya Gazeta news agency reports.
The deputies of the party have developed a draft on adding “Nationality” and “Religion” columns in the passport. The initiators of the project was Vladimir Kashin and Vladimir Fedotkin. 
Parliamentarians consider that an addition of these columns is the necessity. “It is an appeal of people” – said the deputies.
“National minorities feel threat on them. The legalization of this draft will promote the positive development of relations between peoples of the country. Tatars and Bashkirs will fill these columns with pleasure. We believe that no one Muslim or orthodox will be against indicating their religion and nationality” – said Nicolay Kolomeyzev. 

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