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Record number of Syrians performing Haj this year

The number of Arab pilgrims this Haj season stands at 265,217 pilgrims

Source : Arab news / 06 Oct 2014

The number of Arab pilgrims this Haj season stands at 265,217 pilgrims, according to figures released by National Tawafa Establishment for the Pilgrims of the Arab Countries. 

Egypt topped the list of the number of Arab pilgrims with 68,749, followed by Algeria at 28,543, Morocco at 26,790, and Iraq at 26,259.

From Sudan came 25,719 pilgrims, while the number of Yemeni pilgrims, despite the crisis in the country, stood at 19,360 pilgrims. The number of Jordanian pilgrims was put at more than 10,000 pilgrims. 

For the first time in three years, Syrian pilgrims came in record numbers this year, 9,185, with the Syrian National Coalition taking on the task of organizing the sending of pilgrims from the capitals of the countries surrounding Syria, namely Beirut, Amman, Cairo and Ankara.

The number of Syrian pilgrims who performed the holy rituals two years ago was the least among the Arab pilgrims, 1,000, while last year 4,000 pilgrims came to perform Haj. Their number increased two times this year, refuting rumours that said they were prevented from coming to perform the holy rituals. 

From Tunisia came 8,895 pilgrims, Somalia 7,142 and a lesser number came from Libya with 6,123 pilgrims as the quota of pilgrims coming from Arab countries was also reduced by 20 percent because of the ongoing mataf expansion.

The number of Palestinian pilgrims coming from Ramallah and Gaza sector stood at 5,990, against 1,577 pilgrims of the Arab Palestinians of 48 territories. 99 Palestinian pilgrims came holding Syrian identification documents, 98 with Lebanese one and only one Palestinian with a Jordanian document.

The statistics of the National Tawafa Establishment for the Pilgrims of the Arab Countries recorded 5,204 Lebanese pilgrims, of which 1,200 were Palestinian pilgrims living in Lebanon. 

From both Kuwait and Oman 16,000 pilgrims came. From Kuwait, 17 pilgrims of the Bedoons came to perform Haj this year.

From Mauritania came 2,515 pilgrims, Djibouti 874, Comoros 844, and from Eritrea, 432 pilgrims.

The surprise was the entry of international pilgrims from Asia, Europe and South America through Arab countries, including 4 Colombians, 17 Chinese, 93 Indonesians, 39 Pakistanis, 37 Malaysians, 15 Turks, 11 Brazilians, 8 Venezuelans, 7 Uzbeks, 7 Russians, 5 Australians, 2 Panamanians and one pilgrim each from Paraguay, Myanmar, Denmark, Germany, Uganda, Macau, Italy and Bosnia. 

King Abdulaziz International Airport received the largest number of pilgrims with 121,139 pilgrims, followed by Jeddah Islamic Port with 13,375, while Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport in Madinah received 89,002 pilgrims. 5,677 Arab pilgrims came by road.


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