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Quran recitation contest to be held in Crimea

The Spiritual Administration of the Muslims of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol announces the All-Crimean competition among the reciters of the Quran. Men and women over 45 can take part in the competition. Selection rounds will be held in mosques of districts and settlements, where the best reciters will be selected.
The finale of the All-Crimean contest of Qur'an reciters will be held in the central mosque of Simferopol Kebir-Jami on the 27th day of the month of Ramadan. The finalists will receive valuable prizes and gifts, the grand prize is a free trip to Hajj.
According to the curator of the contest - the Head of the Department for External Relations and Hajj organization Artur Reshitov, the purpose of the contest is to involve Muslims in reading the Holy Book. "We specifically focused on the older generation, who were born and grew up in the Soviet period, when there was no such opportunity to study their religion and learn to read the Quran. Now our mosques are open, the courses for studying the basics of Islam and the reading of the Quran are offered, our religious teachers and Alims are working. Now there is a great opportunity to realize your dream and besides to become winners of the competition and go to Hajj," Artur Reshitov said.
Those interested to take part in the contest can apply to the local imam.

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