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Putin confused hijab with burqa

Putin recalled that even in some Muslim countries wearing of headscarves is banned by the legislation.

Source : / 26 Apr 2013

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about wearing hijabs in schools. During on-line conference the head of Russia was asked about his opinion regarding this issue. “Are we having islamization?”- a worker from Magnitogorsk asked.

“I do not see anything good in it”he replied. “Of course, there are cultural differences in some republics. However, it is a known demonstration towards their religion. In our country and in Muslim regions there was no such tradition,” Putin said.

Putin recalled that even in some Muslim countries wearing of headscarves is banned by the legislation. He added that he considers it to be necessary to use common school uniforms. Such work is already underway, the Russian leader concluded.

Obviously, during the discussion Putin confused hijab with burqa (clothing that cover a woman's face) that often occurs in Russian society. Those who know not only Islamic but also Christian history can confirm that until 20th century Christian women dress practically was no different from Muslim women hijab. Furthermore, nowadays nuns too wear a kind of hijab. In Islamic regions women began to wear revealing clothes only with the advent of Soviet regime.

It should be noted that among Islamic countries only Turkey has law banning hijab. And even there, lately the country has undergone great changes, and the ban is slowly losing its force.

The scandal with wearing hijab in schools began in October 2012 in Stavropol region. Parents complained that the school administration banned their children from attending classes. In October 2012 regional government adopted a decree on “Basic requirements for school dress and pupils appearance," which excluded the right of Muslim women to dress in accordance with their religious beliefs.

Parents’ community challenging constitutionality of the ban and filed an appeal in Supreme Court concerning the decision of the regional court which ruled in favor of the ban.


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