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Prophet's hair displayed on Eid Day in Moscow

For the first time in Moscow "Sokolniki" park Muslims could see the hair of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ on the holiday of Uraza Bayram.
"The demonstration of the sacred relic became big and unexpected joy for the Muslims of the capital and I thank all the volunteers who helped in the celebration," Moscow mufti Albir Krganov said, addressing the believers who gathered in the park. 
In his sermon the Mufti spoke about the traditions and ceremonies of the month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, and stressed the importance of maintaining good relations between people in today's difficult conditions of the modern world.
"Today, the media are trying to show people that Islam is an alien, aggressive religion, but these statements are nothing more than a delusion. A true Muslim lovingly looks at every person, every living creature. He is far from any aggression. A Muslim is he who does not harm others neither with his own language, nor with his own hands," A.Krganov added.
In conclusion, the Mufti noted that he prays to God Alnighty for good health and sending blessings to the Russian authorities "in their noble work in the name of the spiritual and moral revival and prosperity of our Motherland - the great Russia."

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