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Prices on products are stable despite the upcoming celebration of Eid al Adha

The Vegetable and Fruits market at Doha Central Market has seen an increasing turnout of customers ahead of the upcoming Eid al-Adha, with many affirming that prices are stable and supply is adequate.
Local Arabic daily Arrayah reported Friday that the supply of various types of vegetables and fruits from different countries is on daily basis. Besides, the local produce of various types including leafy vegetables has helped reduce and stabilise prices of various types of goods.
For instance, recently a box of nearly 7kg of tomatoes was going for QR15-20, a 9kg sack of potatoes for QR10-15, more than 6kg of cucumber for QR16-20, box of 10kg for QR25-30, pineapple QR4-5 a piece, and orange QR30 for big boxes. 
All the different varieties of vegetables and fruits, including watermelon and sweet melons, are available fresh in the market during the morning hours.
Isamil al-Ansari, a regular customer, pointed out that fresh goods come to the market from different parts of the world including Turkey, Iran, India, Pakistan, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Latin America and other parts of Europe. He stressed that turnout of customers dramatically increases ahead of Eid holidays as customers prefer the market to other outlets due to the reasonable price and variety of products.
Nasser al-Hajiri, another customer, said that the quality of the products at the market are always high. He also noted that prices of most varieties have been stable in spite of the increasing demand.

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