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No religious fanatics in Kazakhstan - Nazarbayev

Kazakh citizens "should protect their children from destructive influences"

Source :Interfax / 22 Apr 2014

Kazakh citizens should beware of destructive influences, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

"No religious fanatics ever existed in the holy Kazakh land. The spiritual essence of the Kazakh people has always differed with humanism and internal integrity. The current generation has no right to lose this great quality left by our ancestors. So I urge the Kazakh intelligent community and spiritual leaders, each and every Kazakh citizen not to forget the legacies of great teachers," Nazarbayev said when speaking at the 21st session of the Kazakh people's assembly on Friiday.

Kazakh citizens "should protect their children from destructive influences, urge those lost for common sense and warn them against steps that are not fully thought through", the president said.

"These are not just words, you know what is happening in the world," Nazarbayev said.


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