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No place for political slogans and sectarianism in Haj, Al-Issa

Makkah, July 11, 2019

Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, secretary general of Muslim World League (MWL), chairman of the board of directors of the International Organization of Muslim Scholars, said that Haj ritual is a worship that should be performed by Muslims, warning against any breach or deflecting it from its religious objectives like raising political and partisan slogans and sectarianism.

Sheikh Dr. Al-Issa added that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has exploited its great potentials so that this ritual is performed in a spirit of faith and tranquility.

He noted that every Muslim knows that Haj has a specific function in the religion limited to the performance of its rituals, and that any act contrary to that is a transgression of the teachings of Islam.


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