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No more grace speed limit from August 12 in Abu Dhabi

 In a sweeping, emirate-wide change in road laws which will be effective from August 12, motorists will no longer enjoy a 20km/h grace limit over the speed limit posted on signboards, police said on Wednesday.

The police said lowering street and highway speed has shown to reduce accidents and save lives.


In a statement, officials said all internal and external roads across the entire Abu Dhabi emirate will be subjected to strict, posted speed limits, a break from the long-time tradition allowing for a speed of up to 20km/h more than what road signs show.

Radars will be reset as per the amended speeds on the emirate’s roads.

Major-General Mohammad Khalfan Al Rumaithi, Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police, said the decision was made after studies were conducted regarding road accidents and traffic density on roads.

The Abu Dhabi Police, Department of Transport and urban planning and municipal departments worked together to arrive at the decision to reduce the speed limit.
Maj-Gen Al Rumaithi pointed out that traffic studies looked at other countries to achieve best results in traffic safety and get benefits from their applications.

He said the leadership of the country always put utmost emphasis on the safety and security of the road users and apply the best international specifications to reduce road accidents and the number of fatalities on all roads.

To help spread the word among motorists well before the implementation day next month, Abu Dhabi Police will host a public awareness campaign.

The campaign will clearly explain that, for example, if the speed limit on an external road is 120km/h, motorists can only go up to that speed, not 140km/h till now with radars set to record the violation at 141km/h.

Abu Dhabi Police will publicise the new speed limits through all means of social media, public transport, taxis and advertisement screens at the police customer care centres of Abu Dhabi.

The police will also spread awareness in Arabic, English, Hindi, Malayalam and Urdu languages.

Maj-Gen Al Rumaithi urged motorists to cooperate with traffic police during the transition and comply with the new speed limits.


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