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Nigeria's hijab wearing lawyer admitted to graduation ceremony

Nigerian Muslimah - a graduate of the law faculty of a local university - who was earlier barred from attending the graduation ceremony will now be admitted to the ceremony.
The blatant discrimination that the future lawyer Firdaus Amasa had previously faced was related to hijab worn under her wig. It was because of it that she was denied the right to participate in the solemn ceremony.
However, the Muslim community of the country did not leave the girl alone to seek her legal rights, the public and human rights organizations defended the woman. There were appeals to the courts, hearings took place even within the walls of the Nigerian parliament. All this was accompanied by a wide coverage of the campaign in the media. 
Her supporters took to twitter to express their happiness.
“She will now be given her certificate; a thing of joy, victory to justice, fairness to humanity, Yushua Abdul tweeted.
“The Body of Benchers has approved the use of hijab during Call to Bar ceremony of young lawyers and that Firdaus Amasa.’’
Muhammed Ayuba tweeted: “Nigeria Law school approved the use of hijab during call to bar and call Amasa Firdous to bar…..Alhamdulillah for this great news.’’
President of Association of Muslim Lawyers of Nigeria, Kamal Dawud, announced that the Bar Council had held a meeting at which it was decided to invite the woman in the hijab to the next graduation ceremony for lawyers. Firdaus has already received the appropriate invitation.
Earlier in 2016, the Nigerian Court of Appeal ruled that the headdress of Muslim women is their fundamental right and, therefore, hijab is allowed to be worn in all institutions, including state educational institutions.
According to the reports, she would be admitted along with other young lawyers in July in Abuja. 

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