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New issue of "Al-Salam" newspaper is now available

new issue of spiritual and educational newspaper "As-Salam"

Source : / 12 Oct 2013

Dear readers, new issue of spiritual and educational newspaper "As-Salam" is now published.

This issue is devoted to the fifth pillar of Islam. The article titled "Hajj is an event of universal scale" is posted on the first page of the newspaper. Author of the article stressed the sincere intention during hajj performing.

Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) reported:

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

"Whoever performs the pilgrimage to this house without having intimate relations or committing wickedness, then he will return pure like the day he was born from his mother."

"Labbaik allahumma labbaik" article is told us about hajj rituals.

Interesting story about apple which became a reason which had changed the fate of the young man was prepared by the newspaper editor Ibrahim Ibragimov.

Muhammadarif Abdullaev tells us the story of the companion, openly declared his acceptance of Islam - Abu Dhar al- Ghifaari .

Famous Hollywood actress, screenwriter and director Angelina Jolie is a goodwill ambassador of the UN. The most interesting of her statements about Islam and Muslims is collected by Saida Ibragimova.

Soon muslims around the world will celebrate Eid al- Adha holiday. About what kind of animal can be sacrificed and what are the conditions for it, was written by the author, Muhammad Amin Magomedrasulov.

We think, for moms of two or more children will be useful the article about how to properly dispose of the parent capital from a legal point of view.

Of course, the new issue includes traditional columns which are devoted to children, family, questions of readers and answers of ‘alims.

Photos of Dagestani pilgrims were posted on the last page of the newspaper . You may read all these and many other topics in the latest issue of the "As-Salam" newspaper.


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