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Muslims in St. Petersburg celebrated Mawlid al-Nabi

Saint-Petersburg, November 11, 2019

Muslim Religious Administration of St. Petersburg and the North-West Region of Russia held a Mawlid festival dedicated to the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺin the Cathedral Mosque of St. Petersburg.

The event gathered about two thousands of parishioners of mosque, public figures of St. Petersburg and the region, believers representing different regions of Russia.

The celebration program included a welcoming speech of the Mufti, Chairman of the Muslim religious Administration of St. Petersburg and the Northwest Region of Russia Ravil-Khazrat Pancheev and honored guests, reading the verses of the Holy Quran, performing munajats (religious songs), blessings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and traditional readings of special qasids (verses) about Mawlid and Nashids.

The Mufti of St. Petersburg and the North-Western region of Russia Ravil-Khazrat Pancheev noted the importance of holding meetings where the participants mention the name of the Most High Creator and the deeds of His beloved Messenger Muhammad Mustafa, may Allah bless and greet him. The Mufti emphasized the importance of such meetings, their role in strengthening interethnic harmony, which is very important in such a multinational region.

By the end of the of Mawlid festival the believers were served a festive meal.


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