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Muslims of St. Petersburg are gearing up for Ramadan

Mufti of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of St. Petersburg and the North-West region of Russia Rawil-Hazrat Pancheev said that the Muslim holy month of Ramadan will begin with the night prayer on May 15, and end with the grandiose holiday of Uraza Bayram in mid-June.
It is expected that more than 100,000 followers of Islam will take part in the festival in St. Petersburg.
"The month of Ramadan educates Muslims to observe the world around: if there is an opportunity to feed the hungry, you need to feed them, if they need support - support them. This is piety and virtuous," Pancheev said.
The Mufti noted that the beginning of the fast will not be accompanied by mass worship services at the mosque, the majority of believers will pray at home.
This is dictated by religious requirements - with the beginning of the fast, Muslims can not eat after sunrise and many simply will not have time to have breakfast before the morning prayer, if they stay in the mosque.
It is expected that about 1,5 thousand people will come to the first prayer-tarawih. In the city on the Niva, the time of breakfast (Iftar) will advance about ten o'clock in the evening. Azan, the prayer call for morning prayer that marks the beginning of a fast for Muslims in St. Petersburg will sound about two o'clock in the morning.
"When we celebrate Uraza Bayram on June 15, everything depends on the weather. If it is sunny, we expect that on the territory of the Cathedral Mosque and the adjacent part alone there will be more than 100 thousand people," Ravil Pancheev said.
He is sure that the festival will be held without incident, since the safety rules have long been worked out and the Muslim community always coordinates such events with the city administration.
"We aspire as much as possible not to interfere with the flow of people who go to work in the morning. We will try to complete the celebratory services between 8:00 - 8:30," the Mufti said.

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