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A Muslim saved the child falling from the building

In the Sverdlovsk region of Russia a muslim native from Tajikistan Fakhrutdin Yusupov accidentally caught a baby thrown out of a window, the regional Investigative committee of the Russian Federation reports.

A construction worker from Tajikistan was talking with a friend he met on his way home when suddenly he saw a drunken man breaking a window and climbing out onto a window sill with a child in his hands. He didn't manage to persuade an aggressive person not to harm the child and at last he threw the baby out.

“I managed to catch the child right on the ground and then called the ambulance and the police,” says Fakhrutdin.

The police found out that at that moment the mother of the child went the store and left her two-month-old son with a friend of hers.

Fakhrutdin Yusupov was awarded for his heroic behaviour with a letter of thanks from the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Sverdlovsk region.



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