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Muslim Doctors Union established in Russia

Kazan, October 9, 2019

The Union of Muslim Doctors and Medical Personnel was established in Russia. According to the president of the union Ramil Khisamov all Muslims with medical education can join the organization, Tatar-inform reports.

“The Union was established in order to satisfy the request of society in providing halal medical care in accordance with the canons of Islam. We will try to explain the people how to eat, sleep, and live according to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). There is a hadith “Allocate one third of your stomach to food, one third to water and one third to respiration”. As for sleep, you have to sleep on the right side with your head directed to Qibla, because if you sleep on the left side it may pose a burden for the heart”, said Ramil Khisamov.

The President of the Union of Muslim Doctors also noted the benefits of the prayer for maintaining the physical health of the body. “Performing the prayer, a Muslim, firstly, fulfills an obligatory action according to Islam. And secondly, it is physical exercise for the body”, he explained.

The Union of Muslim Doctors was formed on September 18, 2019. Students of medical universities, doctors with secondary and higher education may join the organization. One of the main requirements for a member of the Union is to be a Muslim. Today, about 80 medical workers have already expressed their desire to join the organization.


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