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Mufti of Dagestan condemned attack on Rabbi of Derbent

Mufti of Dagestan Murshid of Naqshbandi and Shazali tariqas Shaykh Ahmad Haji Afandi Abdulaev

Source : islam.ru | 26 Jul 2013

The Mufti of Dagestan Ahmad Haji Afandi Abdulaev made ​​a strong condemnation of those who attempted to kill the Rabbi of Derbent Ovadia Isakov.

"The Jews who live in Dagestan are the indigenous inhabitants of the republic. For centuries we lived together,"- the Mufti said, as quoted by the website of the Foundation for support of Islamic culture, science and education.

Mufti said that we live in a multi-ethnic state, and that "Islam calls to maintain good relations with anyone - no matter what religion he professes."

"The modern world is intertwined, and we have no right to dictate, we have to treat everyone with kindness, to show the beauty of our faith," - the Mufti said.


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