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Moscow Muslims focus on charity

Moscow, September 6, 2019 

Muslim Religious Administration of the Russian capital puts the main emphasis in its activities on the sphere of charity and education, the mufti of Moscow, Ildar Alyautdinov, told RIA Novosti.

"Our activities in the near future will be focused on humanitarian and educational projects. First of all, we are talking about helping poor, mostly big families, war and labor veterans," the religious leader said.

According to him, the humanitarian aid will be provided not only to the Russians.

“We are obliged to help fellow believers around the world, as Moscow’s Muslim Religious Administration, like other leading Islamic centers, represents Russia at the international level, and participates in various projects, which is important to strengthen the credibility of our state in the Arab-Muslim world”, said the mufti.

He explained that humanitarian actions initiated by Moscow Muslims, including “Zakat” charitable fund, affected many countries.

“Sudan, Palestine, Uganda, Indonesia and many other countries have received targeted assistance from Russian fellow believers”, said Alyautdinov, adding that food support was also provided to refugees from Syria and Lebanon who live in the suburbs of Moscow.

“The sphere of education will be supported as well. There are dozens of local Muslim religious communities in Moscow and educational activities are carried out in each of them”, Alyautdinov said.


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