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Mikhail Zadornov concerned about popularity of Feng Shui in Russia

Mikhail Zadornov concerned about popularity of Feng Shui in Russia

Source : / 20 Apr 2013

"We have lost our self-esteem so much that we - Christians, decorate our houses in accordance with pagan laws of the Chinese feng shui. And no one bothered to know that feng shui – is the science of the arrangement of graves. In ancient China, people decorated the graves according Feng Shui"-the famous satirist wrote in his blog.

Zadornov wondered, "Do our people cannot understand that it is nonsense to place bed in the corridor, and the air conditioner hanging over the toilet"?

"Slavic and peasant houses were small, but so comfortable that family felt themselves well,  and in Russia families had no less members than in China. And when we make houses as comfortable as in China we stopped giving birth. Because this science is for arrangement of the afterlife, in the existence of which all people believed, including the Chinese, "-Mikhail Zadornov writes.

It seems as if people lost confidence in God, writes Zadornov, and after supplication they, for full assurance that their supplication will be accepted kiss a toad, as required by Chinese tradition.

He said that people forgot Russian wisdom: "If you want to have a lot of money, you must work, and not to kiss with Chinese monsters.

Unfortunately, some Muslims too adopt such traditions and forget that only Allah controls their wealth. In homes, stores and other places of trade we can find a "good luck charms." Thus heresy slowly fills the hearts of Muslims and takes them away from the right way. We should realize that only Allah is Creator of all things, only He grants blessings, food, life, and health - and it turns out that, without knowing it, the person who at the same time believes in Allah, waits the mercy from idols . After all, Allah says in the Quran (the meaning): "Indeed, it is Allah who is the [continual] Provider, the firm Possessor of strength." (Surah 51, verse 58).                                  


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