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Mayor of Manila calls for Muslim culture to be taught in schools

Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim, left.

Source : Manila Standard | 07 Sept 2011 / Manila

Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim on Tuesday urged the city’s education sector to include a subject in Muslim culture in the high school curriculum to ensure better understanding between the Christian and Muslim communities.

He called on Division of City Schools Superintendent Ponciano Menguito, noting that students should also be educated on Muslim presence which pre-dated the occupation by Spanish, British, Japanese and American colonizers.

“For national unity, for lasting peace, there is a great need for Filipinos to study and analyze Muslim Filipino history since this has not been effectively achieved,” said Lim.

He expressed hope that the peace process in Mindanao would continue so that Christians and Muslims could live peacefully together.

Bae Bayolan Tamano Marohombsar, Lim’s consultant on Muslim Affairs, said the celebration of Eid al-Fitr in the capital alongside the Black Nazarene procession and other Christian festivities underscored coexistence of dominant faiths in a growing population.

Council of Ulamas of the Philippines president Aleem Sayd Bashr conveyed the Muslim community’s gratefulness to Allah for having Lim’s vision for Muslims and Christians to live together in peace and prosperity.


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