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Kazan mosques to install special terminals for alms

Kazan, November 26, 2019

Muslim Religious Administration of Tatarstan plans to install online terminals for giving zakat and sadaka (type of alms in Islam) at mosques and shopping centers of Kazan.

“Special terminals (sadakamats) will be installed for the convenience of Muslims who want to fulfill the third pillar of Islam - to pay zakat, as well as to make other charitable contributions”, the Muftiate’s press service reported on Tuesday.

The first sadakamats are to be installed in the Blue and Galiev mosques of the capital of Tatarstan.

It is noted that payments through sadakomats comply with Sharia standards, while users will also need to pay a commission when contributing funds through such an online terminal.

In Islam, zakat is an obligatory act, while sadaka is a voluntary donation to poor Muslims.


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