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Kamil Samigullin is new mufti of Tatarstan Republic

Imam-Khatib of the mosque “Tynychlyk” - Kamil Samigullin

Source : / 17 Apr 2013

Today, on the VI Conference of Tatarstani Muslims Kamil Hazrat Samigullin was elected as chairman of the Spiritual Board of Tatarstani Muslims. Prior to this he was an Acting Mufti of Tatarstan Republic, Tatar-Inform news agency reports.

The Conference brought together imams from all regions of the country - more than 250 people in total. The event was also attended by the President of Tatarstan - Rustam Minnikhanov.

The post of Mufti of Tatarstan was contested between Acting Mufti - Imam-Khatib of the mosque “Tynychlyk” - Kamil Samigullin; Imam-Khatib of the “Khater” mosque - Haris Hazrat Salihzyanov (Salihov); the head of the Ulema Council of the Russian Association of Islamic Unity, well-known Muslim theologian Farid Salman (Haidarov). Each candidate gave a welcoming speech.

Delegates of the Conference elected Kamil Samigullin as leader of Tatarstani Muslims in the next four years. All the delegates unanimously voted for his candidacy.

Kamil Iskanderovich Samigullin was born on 22 March, 1985. In 2003, he studied at the North-Caucasian Islamic University (in Makhachkala);  2004-2007 - studied in Turkey; in 2013, graduated from the Faculty of Islamic Studies of the Russian Islamic University.


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