Sunday 26 May 2019 \


Juma mosque of Derbent will be restored by 2020

Denis Protsenko, head of the department of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation for the South and North Caucasus Federal Districts announced, on Wednesday, that the 8th century Juma mosque in Derbent will be restored by 2020 and the cost of restoration work will exceed 300 million rubles.
According to TASS, the Juma mosque built by Arabs is considered to be the main mosque of Derbent and the oldest mosque in Russia and in the entire post-Soviet territory. The citadel of Naryn-Kala, where they are planning to carry out excavations in 2019, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a pre-Arab citadel. It is part of the Derbent fortress, which is connected with the Caspian Sea by double walls.

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