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Iran's foreign minister underlines relations with African countries

Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi

Source : Presstv / 9 Jan 2013

Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has stressed the Islamic Republic’s foreign policy to expand relations and cooperation with African countries.

“It is the will of the high-ranking officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran to expand relations with Africa,” Salehi said in a meeting with Burkina Faso’s Foreign Minister Djibril Bassole on Tuesday night.

He said Iran and Africa can cooperate well in different sectors, given the cultural affinity between the two countries as well as Iran’s capabilities and experience.

He called for the exchange of delegations between Tehran and Ouagadougou in order to identify further capacities for cooperation in different areas, including economy, trade, agriculture, industry and hygiene.

Salehi also officially invited his counterpart to visit Iran.

Bassole, for his part, hoped that Salehi’s visit would pave the way for the further development of bilateral ties.

He lauded Iran’s progress in different areas and expressed his country’s readiness to cooperate with Iran and use Tehran’s experience in the areas of agriculture and hygiene.

The two officials also discussed regional and international developments and the two countries’ role in resolving challenges in their regions.

In a separate meeting, Salehi also met with Burkina Faso’s Parliament Speaker Vatar Songalou Apolinz, where he called for the further expansion of the ties between the two countries in economic, trade, agricultural, cultural, scientific and technical fields.

He described the political relations between the two countries as good and stressed the importance of mutual consultations and cooperation for the restoration of global peace, stability and security. Salehi also invited Apolinz to visit Tehran on behalf of Iran’s Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani.

The African official also said that Salehi’s visit could help enhance the relations and underlined the need to develop mutual ties between the two countries.

Salehi began his tour of Africa on Saturday. He arrived in Burkina Faso on Tuesday, and is scheduled to leave for Egypt on Wednesday.


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