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Ingushetia TV ban girls in hijab

Ingushetia TV ban girls in hijab

Source : / 3 Apr 2013

Active discussion and widespread condemnation among bloggers received an incident that happened with one of the students in Ingushetia. In her blog, student (under the nickname inkognito06) writes that on March 28 a group of students was invited to one of the shows on "Ingushetia" TV, a subsidiary of RTR "Russia." All participants were gathered in the studio hall and took their seats.

One of the hosts of program, went to the students and called out a girl in hijab. She immediately realized what will be discussed, as she was the only one who was dressed according to the Shariah. The host took her to the exit and said "we are public TV and your clothes do not suit the format of our show, etc." and escorted her out. Then her teacher came and began to wonder what was wrong. After explanation of the host, the teacher became indignant and said she is the best student, without her participation nothing can be discussed in the show, etc. In response the host said that it's nothing personal – “It is an order from the chief.”

Some students, however, did not agree with this decision and in protest went to the exit. The host tried to stop them, but the only response she heard was: "She is our sister and without her we do not stay here any longer..."

According to bloggers the public broadcaster simply ignores the Constitution of the Russian Federation, wherein it is stipulated as follows:

Chapter 2. The rights and freedoms of man and citizen

Article 19

2.The State guarantees the equality of rights and freedoms of man and citizen, regardless of gender, race, nationality, language, origin, property and official status, place of residence, attitude to religion, convictions, membership in public associations or any other circumstances. Any restrictions of the rights of citizens on social, racial, national, linguistic or religious grounds is prohibited.

In the region where 90% of population is Muslims, we have discrimination against Muslims on religious grounds, bloggers report. They express the hope that the main office in Moscow STRC would "shake up" their Ingush colleagues.


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