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Hind Ahmas, 32, set to go jail for wearing hijab in France

By Tousif Khan /Dec. 13/2011
A 32-year-old mother Hind Ahmas from France is set to become the first woman ever to be sent to prison for wearing an Islamic veil. Hind Ahmas refuses to accept the legitimacy of a Paris court which has ordered her to spend 15 days learning her civic duties.
She was sentenced by magistrates in Meaux, a Paris suburb, yesterday – after being arrested wearing an outlawed veil outside the Elysee Palace in the French capital on April 11.

That was shortly after Nicolas Sarkozy’s government introduced a ban on all forms of Islamic head coverings, including the niqab and the burka. Ahmas was not allowed into the hearing at Meaux Criminal Court because she refused to remove her face covering. But prosecutors made it clear to her lawyer, Gilles Devers, that Ahmas now faces two years in prison and a £27,000 fine. ‘There is no possibility of me removing the veil,’ Ahmas said.’I'm not taking it off. The judge needs citizenship lessons, not me.’

Ahmas, who has already refused to pay a fine of around £100 for wearing a veil on another occasion, intends to take her case to the European Court of Human Rights. She has launched a pressure group, Do Not Touch My Constitution, along with Kenza Drider, another veil wearer who wants to run for president in the Spring.


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