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Halal industry in Russia and around the world seminar to be held in Kazan

Russian Islamic University of Kazan

Source : / 26 Sep 2013

International workshop on "Halal market in Russia and around the world" will be held from September 26-30 in Kazan in the Russian Islamic University. The event is organized by the RIU in cooperation with the "Halal" Committee of the Spiritual Administration of Tatarstani Muslims.

Lecturer of the seminar will be known Kazakhstani expert in the field of Halal, president of the Kazakhstan Halal industry Association, professor of theology Marat Agibaevich Sarsenbaev.

The purpose of the event is to introduce the business and scientific community of Russia with the experience of Kazakhstani halal industry development.

The seminar will be attended by representatives of the business community, professionals and teachers of Muslim and secular educational institutions of Tatarstan and other regions of the Russian Federation.

The following topics will be discussed during the seminar:

* Development of Halal industry in Russia and around the world;

* Halal and development of Islamic law;

* Prohibited products;

* Terms and technology of slaughtering animals in accordance with the requirements of Islamic law;

* Halal Certification: Theory and practice;

* The role of certification in economic development;

* International Halal certification standards;

* Development of Halal certification in the CIS countries;

* Technology of Halal Certification in Russia and around the world;

* Technology of Halal certification of companies in the various countries of the world;

* Halal industry in Gulf and European countries;

* Organizations and activities that provide assistance in entering the market of Halal standard products (associations, exhibitions, etc.).

KAZANSUMMIT-2013 will be held from 2 to 3 October in Kazan, and from October 3 to 6 it will be held the exhibition of halal products “KAZANHALAL 2013", which will be held during “EURO-ASIA EXPO 2013" forum. The Republic of Kazakhstan will be represented at these forums, along with other countries of near and far abroad.


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