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Frenchman convicted for assault on Muslim family

Frenchman convicted for assault on Muslim family

Source : / 13 Apr 2013

The court of Valenciennes, city located in the north of French, sentenced a young man who attacked Muslim family in the hospital, to 18 months in prison and two years of trial period after release.

In March, a young Muslim family and his 7-month-old daughter came to the hospital in the city of Valenciennes. While waiting in their queue to the pediatrician, the family met a young man with multiple tattoos of Nazi symbols. Suddenly, the guy started to offend Muslims. To avoid conflict, father of the Muslim family, decided to go to another hospital. Aggressive man followed the Muslim family and in the hospital parking started a fight, Ummah Inform reports.

Law enforcement officers immediately arrested the attacker, in whose pockets pepper spray and bloody knuckles were found. In addition, the investigation law enforcement were able to see the records of surveillance cameras from the hospital parking where it was clearly visible the act of beating the Muslim and inappropriate behavior of detainee.

At previous court sessions, the young man claimed that the Muslim "brazenly stared at him in the hospital," and this was the reason for his aggressive behavior. In addition, young man expressed pride for his action, as proof of his active support for neo-Nazi movement.

During the last court session Islamophobe repented and said that for the time spent in prison, his opinion about Muslims has drastically changed.


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