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France refuses entry to veiled Saudi women

By Rizwan Khatik | Timesofummah | 14 Jun 2012

Three Saudi Arabian women were refused entry to France after declining to lift their face veils for border police at Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport, it was reported.

A police official said that border police asked the women to take off their Islamic veils following their arrival on Monday on a flight from Doha, Qatar, reported the Associated Press.

After refusing, the women were barred from entering France, after which they returned to Doha on Monday night, added the unnamed official.

According to a legislation passed in April 2011, individuals are banned from wearing face-covering veils in public

Those who violate the ban face fines of €150 (US$216) or lessons in French citizenship.

Supporters of the law say face veils contradict France’s secular values and women’s rights, while Muslim groups say it discriminates against Islam.



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