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Dutch burqa ban may go after govt falls

By Agencies | Amsterdam | 27 Apr 2012

With the collapse of the Dutch center-right government, the Netherlands may now drop some of its most eye-popping proposals aimed at Muslims and other immigrants and could soften its strong anti-immigration rhetoric.

A ban on burqa is less likely to go ahead after the government collapsed at the weekend.

The minority Liberal-Christian Democrat coalition's alliance with Geert Wilders' Freedom Party (PVV) fell apart when they could not reach agreement on crucial budget cuts. An election has been called for Sept.12.

In return for Wilders’ support in Parliament, the government had proposed a number of laws, including bans on Muslim face veils and on dual nationality.

If it appears clear that there is no longer a parliamentary majority in favor of such proposals, they could soon be taken “off the table”, said Maurits Berger, professor of Islam in the contemporary West at Leiden University.

“These policies were driven by PVV but also by this government in order to maintain their relationship with PVV. They have turned Holland into a pariah,” Berger said. “These are the legacy of the PVV.”



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