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Dagestani pilgrims will be the first in the world to receive electronic passports in Hajj

The Dagestani participants of the Hajj to Saudi Arabia will be given pilgrims' electronic passports. This is a universal document, which will allow to implement a comprehensive monitoring of the security of the movement of its owner.

The project of creating electronic passports was introduced by the "Center 2M" company , which before that successfully developed the passport of a football player on the munidial in Russia, the Makhachkala news reports. In the city of Mecca a new passport of the pilgrim will be presented, and monitoring for his carrier will be conducted from the office of a travel agency.
The passport will make a pass to the sacred cities of Mecca and Medina. Special sensors are incorporated in the document and allow to define the accurately location of the owner and conduct video surveillance. Also, the sensors transmit data about croweded places which will allow them to take quick measures, the "Caucasus Today" reports.

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