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Dagestani Muslims honor Imam Shamil

In this rare photo Imam Shamil is seen with his sons surrounded by Russian army officers

By Jamal Fulani | Assalam | 04 Jul 2012

Majlis commemorating the birth of Imam Shamil, Shaykh of Naqshbandi tariqa and leader of Dagestani and Chechen Muslims was held in Dagestani city South Sukhokumsk. 

The gathering was attended by famous Islamic figures: Khizri-haji - Imam of Kizlyar district  village Krasnooktyabrsk, Mavlidin-haji - Imam of Stavropol district village Chernoleskoe, Muhammad-haji – Imam of Tarumovski district village Novoromanovsk.

Chairing the Majlis was imam of South- Sukhokumsk - Ahmad haji Nadyrbekov, who, in particular, talked about the family of the great military leader and Ziyarat of all his family members.

Speakers talked about the life of the Imam, and his efforts to spread Islam in Dagestan and Chechnya, the holy war against the imperial army. Mawlids were performed in different languages ​​of the peoples of Dagestan.

Recently, one of the streets in the town was renamed “Avenue of the Imam Shamil.” Soon on this street the administration plans to build a monument and open a park in honor of the famous Imam.

At the end of the Majlis all made dua to Allah Who saved Islam and Muslims on this territory through the barakat of Imam Shamil, and asked the Creator for a good health and guidance.


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