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Dagestan Muftiate issued a book on misconceptions of extremists

Makhachkala, December 6, 2019

The Dagestan Muftiate presented a new book “Scales of Justice for distinguishing truth from lie”, published by the Department of Science and Education of the Muslim Religious Administration of the republic. It is a translation of the work of the famous Arab scholar-theologian Abdul-Qadir ‘Isa Diyab.

In this publication the author used reliable Muslim sources and gave a detailed refutation of some of the most common misconceptions of adherents of extremist ideology in modern society. The issues discussed in the book are related to creed, Islamic law and its foundations (usul), Sufism, etc.

The book is intended for everyone who is interested in the creed of the Muslim religion. The translators tried to do everything possible to make the contents of the book understandable and accessible to every reader.


The event was attended by the plenipotentiary representative of the Dagestan Muftiate in the Central Region Ilias Umalatov, the representative of the Ministry of National Politics and Religious Affairs of the Republic of Dagestan Davud Tumalaev, public and religious figures, etc.

Over recent years the Department of Science and Education of the Dagestan Muftiate published 50 books, including translations into Russian of books by famous Arabic and Dagestan scholars-theologians.


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