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Dagestan Mufti met with students

Makhachkala, January 17, 2020

On January 17, Mufti of Dagestan Sheikh Ahmad Afandi met with correspondence students of the Dagestani Institute of Humanities in the conference hall of the museum complex "Russia - My History" in Makhachkala.

The meeting was attended by the faculty and staff of the institution, as well as representatives of other educational institutions.

Addressing the students and guests with welcoming words the acting Rector of DHI Magomed Gadzhidadaev spoke about the results of work over the past year.

Mufti of Dagestan Sheikh Ahmad Afandi began his speech with words of thanks to the management and staff of the Dagestan Humanitarian Institute for successful and fruitful work in the field of education.

The Honorable Sheikh further spoke of the importance of both religious and secular education.


In his instruction to the students of DHI, Sheikh Ahmad Afandi urged them to engage in comprehensive self-development, referring to Sheikh Saifulla-Qadi Bashlarov as an example.

Addressing the students, the spiritual mentor also noted that he sees in them the prospect and future of Dagestan, for which they should be grateful to the Creator.

At the end of the meeting, Sheikh Ahmad Afandi, who is also the Chairman of the Dagestani Council of Alims, emphasized the need to ennoble one's morals and be as useful to people as possible, regardless of religious affiliation, noting that the Muslim's best qualities and sincerity are shown in helping non-Muslims.


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