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The Crimean Muftiyat presented the Muslim female initiative in Turkey

Cappadocia, July 16, 2019

Educational project of the Religious Administration of Muslims of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol "Faydaly Ilim" was presented in Turkey Cappadocia within the framework of the International Women's Business Forum "Business / Family / Health".

The organizers of the event were the International Association of Islamic Business and the Ummah Muslim Club. The forum was attended by more than 40 people from different countries. The Republic of Crimea was presented by the head of the “Faydaly Ilim” project, psychologist and theologian Zeyneb Bairova.

The Participants of the forum discussed the issues of Islamic business, as well as the problems of the modern Muslim family and women's health issues.

According to Zeyneb Bairova, the project “Faydaly Ilim” was presented as a women's experience in religious education among Muslims of Russia.

“We shared our experience and prospects for the development of Islamic non-formal education on the example of our project Faydaly Ilim.” For us it is a valuable experience and a great honor to cover the activities of the Muslims of Crimea outside the country’, - she said.

The forum included presentations of various projects aimed at improving the social well-being of society. The participants also discussed various topics such as charity, education, women's development projects that have a great significance for the Muslim business community.


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