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Chelny residents ask authorities to help with freezing mosque

Residents of Russia's Naberezhnye Chelny drew the attention of the city authorities to a mosque in the city's 39th complex, which is left unattended without heating and electricity.
“I want to contact the administration of our city. In the 39th complex (near the house of 39/10), a local resident named Misbakh Gimaletdinov built and landscaped a small, but very beautiful mosque. Everyone admires it, but they do not know that it is not needed by anyone except Misbakh, and no one wants to serve it,” a user wrote in the VKontakte website.
"In the mosque there is neither electricity nor heating, volunteers periodically do the cleaning of the snow, there is no one else ... But this is a landmark of our city! Maybe our city has some opportunity to help the existence of this small building?”
The administration of the Central District replied that "the information was transferred to the relevant authorities."
The mosque was built in 2002 on the initiative of Misbakh Gimaletdinov as a monument in honor of the fallen Muslim defenders during the capture of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible. 

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