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“Business Lady” organization created in Tatarstani republic

"Business Lady" organization will be a part of the Union of Tatarstani Muslimas

Source : / 17 Aug 2013

“Business Lady” organization for Muslim business women is created in Tatarstani republic. The first meeting of the organization will be held on August 20. “The creation of this project was conceived long time ago,” said the head of social projects of Tatarstani Myftiyat Ildar Hazrat Bayazitov that.

According to him, the participants of the club will exchange experience for the development of the business. In addition, the Spiritual Administration of Tatarstani Muslims have agreed with one of the accounting firms of the city, that it will consult muslim women in tax, audit and other issues.

During the interview to RBK-Tatarstan news agency the head of the Committee of Family, Women and Children issues of Tatarstani Myftiyat Naila Ziganshina noted that "Business Lady" organization will be a part of the Union of Tatarstani Muslimas. She is confident that the organization will provide not only financial but also spiritual assitance to needy people.

The organization will include women who making their first steps in business and successful business Muslim women. Invitations to join the organization will be sent to the most successful and well-known women of the republic.

It is expected that the first meeting of the "business lady" organization, which will take place on August 20 in the "Yardem" mosque will be attended by 15-20 women, who will the regular members of the organization. It is planned to determine the legal form of its organization, the list of names of the representatives of the business elite of Tatarstani Republic, whose will be invited to join the organization, the schedule of meetings, as well as sources of funding. Myftiyat of Tatarstani republic promised to assist in all activities of the organization.


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