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Bulgar hosts VI Forum of Muslim Youth

Some 170 young people from Tatarstan republic, different regions of Russia and abroad taking part in the forum. The participants who live in a tent camp and eat in Museum of Bread follow diverse educational programs.
The first half of the day is spent with Alims, from whom they receive knowledge on the basics of Islam, on the tafsir of Qur'an, and after midday prayer performed in the White Mosque, the day continues with practical exercises: quests, master classes, trainings, intellectual games and sports competitions.
The forum is designed to bring together and unite Muslim youth from different regions for the exchange of experiences, strengthen friendly ties, and to educate young people in social and religious activities.
Each year the social department of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Tatarstan organizes interesting summer vacations. On the first day of the Forum, girls and boys were introduced to the national traditions of the Tatar people. Young Muslims organized "Aulak өy", engaged in embroidery, cooked pancakes and invited Muslim children to tea.
Sports competitions took place yesterday including archery and crossbow shooting. The strongest in archery among young Muslims were Tuganaev Ramazan, Hafizov Rustem, Bikmuhammetov Salih, and Girfanutdinov Azat, Ismagilov Almir and Gazimov Ruslan were recognized as masters of the crossbow. This is not just a holiday for young people, but also obtaining religious knowledge, getting acquainted with Muslims from around the world, learning from reputable Alims, improving their physical health and experiencing the traditions of their people, the press service of the Tatarstani Muftiate reports.
On Friday, the forum participants are expected to meet with the Mufti of Tatarstan Kamil Hazrat Samigullin in Bolgar.

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