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British Muslims Parade to Mark Mawlid ul-Nabi

Nottingham, November 4, 2019

In marking the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), hundreds of British Muslims paraded through Nottingham streets, on Sunday, November 3, Nottingham Post reported.

“We want to get the real message of Islam out and the message of peace and make people aware we are just like any normal human beings,” said Harris Hanif, a volunteer at the mosque in Berridge Road.

“We hope we can inspire our own community and others as well.”

Participants started the procession from the Jameah Fatimiah Mosque in Berridge Road. They read scriptures from the Qur’an and passed gifts and chocolates to passers-by as they marked the Prophet’s birthday or Mawlid.


“It’s something we look forward to throughout the whole year and there are lots of celebrations. The whole month is very special,” Mohammed Ali, a trustee of The Islamic Center, said.

“We want to show the love for the Prophet Muhammad that Muslims have and how he taught us to spread peace.”


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