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Bombardment of Syria as blasphemous violation of international law - Albir Krganov

The Spiritual Assembly of Muslims in Russia is concerned that the coalition forces are violating international law and is alarmed by information about the shelling of Syria.
"We are worried and concerned about the information coming from Syria, which is a blasphemous violation of international law, many respected experts and the President of Russia expressed this opinion," the Head of the Assembly, the Moscow Mufti, Albir Krganov, told Interfax-Religion.
He noted that the bombings violate the rights of the people of the world, as well as the norms of the UN and the Security Council. The Mufti noted that the attacks began on the sacred day of Miraj - the ascension of the Prophet Muhammad, this is a holy festival of Muslims, and the four preceding months, according to the norms of the Quran, are considered months of truce.
"We urge all parties to be restrained, not to succumb to emotions and provocations," the Mufti said.
He added that he contacted the Muslims of Syria and testifies that the citizens of Syria are "not broken, they are praying, they have not the slightest doubt that the peace to which they strive with representatives of different faiths will be preserved."
"We all offer our prayers to the Almighty, so that the common sense, the wisdom of the rulers prevail," Krganov said. The Mufti noted that in no case can civilians be killed, there can be no other opinion on this issue.
He believes that "irrespective of the policy of the rulers of Syria, it is obvious that when the eyes of the whole world are directed at them, they can not use chemical weapons, they can not act against themselves, this is a provocation."

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