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Blood donation campaign held in Kyrgyzstan

The event on blood donation was attended by 500 young women

Source : / 12 Nov 2013

Women's Department of the Spiritual Administration of Kyrgyzstani Muslims with the assistance of the Public Fund "Mutakallim" organised a blood donation campaign, which was attended by about 500 young women. The blood was given to the 4th hospital of Bishkek (Bishkek Perinatal Center).

According to the chairman of the "Mutakalim" Foundation, Jamal Fronbek kyzy, by this event Muslim women wanted to draw public attention to the fact, there are a lot of anemia cases among pregnant women and a high level of maternal mortality.

Bike riders show also was held before the campaign in the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic. Cycling marathon was dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.

"We hope after this event people will change their life and will start to live a healthy lifestyle and help people in need of blood. The initiators of the event were Muslim women and other civil society organizations,"- Frontbek kyzy said.



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