Friday 18 January 2019 \


Beginning of Ramadan is determined in Dagestan

Dagestani Council of Alims held a general meeting in Makhachkala to determine the beginning of the month of Ramadan, based on established norms and canons of Sharia, the press service of the Muftiyat of Dagestan informs.
The deputies of Dagestani Mufti Mahdi Mutailov and Muhammad Manguev, assistant Mufti Muhammad Muhammadov took part in the majlis, held under the leadership of the first deputy of the Mufti Abdulla Adzhimollaev.
Opening the meeting, Adzhimollaev greeted all those present, outlined the agenda and urgency of the issue and then gave the floor to religious scholars to exchange views on the topic under consideration.
The key speaker Muslim Omarov responsible representative of the Muftiyat of the Republic on the procedure for determining the beginning and end of the lunar months Muslim Omarov, gave an analytical reference on the topic based on the analysis of Islamic sources and the works of astronomical scientists.
In their addresses, theologians also noted the need to unite the Dagestani Muslims on this matter, by clarifying and discussing all its nuances, applying modern technologies and referring to the opinions of authoritative alims of the Islamic world of the past and the present, as well as reliable sources on this topic.
In conclusion, Abdulla Adzhimollaev announced the unanimous decision of the Council that the first day of the month of Ramadan falls on May 17 this year.

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