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"Ban of hijabs in schools is a conspiracy against Russia"

Iranian Ambassador in Moscow, Reza Sajjadi

Source : / 17 Apr 2013

Iranian Ambassador in Moscow, Reza Sajjadi called as provocative slogans to ban hijab in Russian schools.

"Today, some residents of Russia said that girls / women wearing hijab in schools, bring back an element of wrong religious propaganda, and therefore this form of clothing should not be allowed",- wrote ambassador in his blog.

"I would like to note not as an ambassador of a Muslim country but as a friend of Russia that such actions are a provocation against Muslims and push them towards extremism" – Interfax news agency reports.

In his opinion, "the ban on hijab wearing is a direct path to growth of disagreement and misunderstanding among Russian Muslims and Christians."

"Political scientists and U.S. politicians are not shy to say that Russia is too big and needs to be re-divided, - the ambassador said. - The West and the Zionists want to organize a conspiracy against the sovereignty and integrity of Russia. They want to divide Russia and create discord between Muslims and Christians in this country."

"When I see photos of Moscow, made ​​a hundred years ago, I notice that Russian women were, in fact, wearing the hijab"- Sadzhadi writes.

"On the icons of the Virgin Mary she is too dressed in hijab. Nuns in Russia and Christian women of other countries wear some sort of Hijab. In fact, in all Abrahamic religions, hijab - a "woman's veil" - has always been an important issue, "-the Ambassador said.                                                                                         


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